Learn to focus only on the present :)

The past is unchangeable so it is futile to reflect on it unless you are making sure you do not repeat past mistakes. The future is but a result of your actions today. So learn from the past to do better in the present so that you can succeed in the future.

Even more specifically, live in THIS moment.Even 10 minutes ago is the past. If you live purely in this moment you will always be happy because there is nothing wrong in this split-second.


Get Fit!

It’s ridiculous to think that we have one body, one sole means of functioning, and people are too lazy to take care of themselves. Fit bodies lead to better health, confidence and more success with romantic endeavors. I’d say those are 3 very good reasons to get in shape.

5 Types of People At your Workplace

The Ice Queen – Fake Smile . Fake Hair . Bad Attitude.

The Whiner – Always finds a fault, Never a Solution.

The Competition – Everything is a race for them.

The Smooth Talker –  Treats work like a Social Engagement.

The Know It All ! – Everything you do , they can do better.

❤ ♡ ❤

Lover !

Can you stand another love letter to you? There is always so much to tell you. The longer I stay here, the stupider I get. Because I spent so much time simplifying my language in order to be understood. It seems to me that my thoughts are also getting simpler.

I miss you. Hey think I’ve said that enough lately ? I miss you.

When I really write to you I try to stay positive, but really there is lot about being here that sucks and the only way to be pretty : okay with it is to tell the exciting stories. Still in reality I spend a lot of time thinking about you, wanting to be with you homesick for you. Don’t think that everything is just a bed of  roses, you know.

I still breathe you. Still wishing that you will make everything better so we can be together again.

And I don’t think that I am stupid or a baby for wanting this.

“I am so much older now, you’re much older too.” We get to, not be a drag if we don’t want to.I will : stick by you through thick and thin,promise you the world, bring you beauty and happiness, take care of you , run away with you.

The magic words: “I know I want you.” That’s all it would take, Love.

I am : serious and unembarrassed for the first time ever. I love you

Love ♥ 

Remember people’s names

So that they feel appreciated and for your own future benefit when you want something from that person. To do this, say their name back to them when they introduce themselves. Then repeat the name in your head a number of times until you are sure you have it. Continue to use their name in conversation as much as possible to remove any chance of forgetting it. If you’re still having trouble, make up a rhyme about their name.