❤ ♡ ❤

Lover !

Can you stand another love letter to you? There is always so much to tell you. The longer I stay here, the stupider I get. Because I spent so much time simplifying my language in order to be understood. It seems to me that my thoughts are also getting simpler.

I miss you. Hey think I’ve said that enough lately ? I miss you.

When I really write to you I try to stay positive, but really there is lot about being here that sucks and the only way to be pretty : okay with it is to tell the exciting stories. Still in reality I spend a lot of time thinking about you, wanting to be with you homesick for you. Don’t think that everything is just a bed of  roses, you know.

I still breathe you. Still wishing that you will make everything better so we can be together again.

And I don’t think that I am stupid or a baby for wanting this.

“I am so much older now, you’re much older too.” We get to, not be a drag if we don’t want to.I will : stick by you through thick and thin,promise you the world, bring you beauty and happiness, take care of you , run away with you.

The magic words: “I know I want you.” That’s all it would take, Love.

I am : serious and unembarrassed for the first time ever. I love you

Love ♥ 


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