A Nap in Office

We all know how stressful our work environments can be. Don’t we all know, how hard we work? We really in today’s times need to follow an absolute healthy routine which can be so easily even practiced at work.

Below is the routine that I recommend each and everyone of you to preach and practice and follow it every step of the way at work.


As a warm up, let’s do some Tai Chi..


Follow like this to ease your
neck & shoulder pain


Wa..wa.. aaa


Move to the right
and then to the left


After that, move to the left
and then to the right


Just follow. Don’t force yourself to do 360 degrees, 180 degreeswill do. Bend down a bit like you gonna faint. Repeat a few times till you’re bored


Grab anything on your desk and smash your head hard. If you are still sleepy smash harder


After that move your feet and swing your body a bit like this. Do it like it’s nobody’s business and remember to smile.


Move your feet and body just a bit like this….
Do it like there’s no problem at all…


And now more aggressive!
Don’t bother about what others say


Let go of all your stress…


If your boss ask what you are doing, move your head slowly like this and tell them you’re dying in the office.


When your boss walked off, get your colleague to join you and move your body like this. The more the merrier …


Finally, dance like this.

Still Sleepy ??


Pssssst: Hopefully you are still employed!


Different Identities

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This phenomenon is really unique and it happens only in the city of Skagen in Denmark. In a sea beach called Grener two seas are meeting, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, creating a visible sea line. The Baltic Sea is cold, whilst the North Sea is warm. So when you stand at the meeting point, you feel one side is cold while the other side is warm. The two opposing tides in this place can not merge because they have different densities.

Salute to the Nation

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The 1968 Olympics Black Power Salute: African American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists in a gesture of solidarity at the 1968 Olympic games. Australian Silver medalist Peter Norman wore an Olympic Project for Human Rights badge in support of their protest. Both Americans were expelled from the games as a result.

Smile more often :D

Whenever you get a grin on your face, your brain is releasing serotonin, the happy hormone. Smiling is the natural way to force yourself to be happy. Many people even smile for five minutes straight in the morning to get themselves in a great mood for the day. It is a very powerful tool that is utilized less and less as we grow older and need happiness more than ever. Just remember that while happiness leads to smiles, smiles also lead to happiness.

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So there’s already been one draft of this letter, but it was driving me crazy, So I started over. It is hard to write to you because it seems clear to me that you are the kind of person everyone falls in love with And I am the kind of girl to distrust myself with that kind of love. Its Hopeless but since everyone is doing it… . It can’t be THAT COOL. Still what can I say?  I am hopelessly charmed by you. Love to ..

Love U