How To protect skin from Sun Damage …

Dear readers,

Rays from sun can cause damage to skin within minutes, it is not necessarily true that one need to be in sun for long to get a sun tan. It depends from skin to skin, pepople with fair skin can get a sun tan as quickly as in Five minutes, And it takes days for the tan to go (fade). so what to do???

Some tips:

The best option is not to go out in the sun: No sun, No burn.

Use  a good sun screen lotion: experts suggest SPF 30 and above, you can get upto SPF 50 easily in the market, what one need to remember is that if you are out in sun re-apply the sunblock lotion every 2 hrs.

Carry an umbrella : Leave that pink and yellow designer umbrella for rains, For sun protection carry an umbrella that blocks suns rays and give a good shade.

Drink a lot of water: i love this remedy as this fits in everywhere.

Take a fibre rich diet in summers.

Well all said and done, the above said can protect you from the sun but What about the Warm Wind blowing along. This wind damages the skin as well.



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