Lose That Flab

When you look in the mirror. Do you say this to yourself, Gosh damit (or #$^@ $#@$@%) 

If you want a perfect body, you need a perfect plan!

This is what I found “A Graphic presentation” for Reducing Flab & Getting in Shape. Especially  If you have a busy schedule, try this short workout routine.

All the Best for the results. !!


Silence of the Night

Heard in the Silence of the Night

– The ticking of the clock.

– The snoring of the two men in my life.

– The dripping noise of a leaking tap in our washroom.

– The strong wind outside making a ‘wooo’ sound.

– A weird tapping noise outside our bedroom window.

– Growling noise of my hungry stomach 😛

Besides these Audio fillers that I just wrote about, the silence of the night was something that I hadn’t had a chance to feel and observe in a long long time. Thanks to my ‘Kumbhakaran” style sleep :D.

It was an eerie yet an amusing experience for me.

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~