Lesson to Learn ಠ_ಠ

Being with you I’ve learnt to live,

To smile, to cry, to forget & forgive.

The future no one knows, I have ceased to think..

We are on this journey, every day a new beginning..

At the end of this road we might not be together..

I am happy with the path, we have memories to gather.

So don’t you worry at all..

Just remember the promise I made last fall..

I got roles to play, there’s so much on my mind..

But I’ll never leave our love behind..

There might be road blocks, no other way to go..

But for me every other way is away from u..

There might be rains, strong winds may blow..

But at the end of each dark night, our love will glow.

Together we’ll walk, either fast or slow.

Without you there’s no way I’ll try,

Walking alone and u know d reason why..


I’ve learnt as moments passed by..

To smile and to cry,

To forget & forgive,

From you only I’ve learnt to live….!!!

From you only I’ve learnt to live..!!!  

7 thoughts on “Lesson to Learn ಠ_ಠ

      • Someone’s stupidity, might be other’s wisdom…you, never know. keep writing…and do check out my stuff and let me know your response. Thanks 🙂

      • Writing helps me… i can write down all the emotions i feel, or sometimes i write the things i imagine..like what would i feel if this happens to me and i write about it.i personally adore all your poems…
        Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog.. 🙂

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