Orange bliss

If you’re an Indian, then this is something you’ll die to eat; specially in winters.
Gajar ka Halwa

Okay carrot halwa is very delicious and I love to eat this halwa. I think this halwa is one of the best and unique sweet tasted food item. 🙂

This is a dish which my mom makes every winter, especially when the Delhi Carrots start arriving in the markets. I too am following her footsteps and plan to make this dish on this weekend, if it goes well and everybody likes it then may be 2-3 times during these winter months. :p

Carrot halwa can be kept in a fridge for about a week or you can freeze it for a couple of months. When you fancy indulging, just warm it up 🙂 Yummy Party

A classic sweet recipe,perfect to celebrate a sweet occasion !