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Thought Questions 10

I don’t think crying is a sign of weakness. I think it is being able to express yourself. i cry when i am sad, angry, or hurt. i cry when loved ones are hurt. i cry when i am begging or pleading before God. It is a form of release!!!

Crying is a sign of self-expression of what he/she wanted.

Other than that crying cleanses your eyeballs from dirt! LMAO!! 🙂 😀

I am more concerned about people who don’t cry than about those who do..

How about youDo you consider crying a sign of weakness?



3 thoughts on “illustrated thought

  1. i am an instant cry person – happy, sad, does not matter. i do think it is a sign a weakness. it is emotion and i have emotions. you are right, i worry about those who cannot cry. great post.

  2. It is a big question. Perhaps there is a big cultural aspect to it. Australia and in particular, Melbourne is diverse. I am of Scottish and English decent and people in our family and culture rarely cry so I have grown up not seeing much of it. I still feel emotions very strongly but I don’t outwardly express them. Perhaps that is why I knit and crochet. So I can express myself with yarn. I would give someone who was crying a tiny knitted heart or a crochet flower. 🙂

  3. No, not at all. I just wish I were able to do it. I had a brutal mother who beat the tears out of me. I’ve been trying for years to get back my ability to let go with the tears. I need to do a great deal of releasing and cleansing. Good post. Good points. jk

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