A bond of protection

Raksha Bandhan means pure bond of love between a brother and his sister and a pledge of protection. It symbolizes sincere and lofty human emotions.

Tying a sacred thread around the wrist of her brother is an expression of sisterly love and sublime sentiments, and is rightly called ‘Rakhi’.

As Rakhi is also tied on the wrists of friends and neighbours, it emphasises the need for an amicable social life, where every human being co-exists calmly as brother or sister. Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore popularised in Shantiniketan such a society of neighbours to defend each other.

He encouraged thought the thought of unity and harmony among all. For him, this festival was the celebration of the expression of equality, fellow feeling and concern for each other.

If we can believe beyond our faith religon and caste, then we can become true human beings”, tagore had said. To spread this note of love , he considered Raksha Bandhan to be the most perfect day.


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