How to ask for raise in salary ?

Do you want a raise in salary?

Are you are not satisfied with the compensation package they are offering you at campus placement or a recruitment interview?

Are you not happy with your performance appraisal?

Do you feel that people are not recognizing your true worth?

Then, just tell them this Mulla Nasrudin Story:

TRUE WORTH – An Apocryphal Mulla Nasrudin Story
A disciple interrupted Mulla Nasrudin’s sermon on teaching stories and rudely said, “They say that you are a wise man and give out wisdom. But you are talking all nonsense. I cannot understand head or tail of what you are saying. And your so-called “teaching stories” are at best poor jokes – they don’t make sense or have any meaning. You call yourself a man of wisdom but actually you are a worthless chap.”
Mulla Nasrudin calmly removed the diamond studded gold ring on his finger, politely called the man, gave him the ring and told him, “Go outside to the roadside stalls and ask them the cost of this ring – for how much will they will buy this ring. I want to sell it – the minimum price is One Lakh Rupees. Don’t sell it for less than a lakh of rupees.”
The disciple returned after some time and angrily said, “You have made me a laughing stock. No one is prepared to pay One Lakh Rupees for this ring. They say this ring is not worth more than ten rupees.”
Mulla Nasrudin then told the man, “Now go to the best jeweller in town and ask him.”
After some time the man returned dumbfounded: “Mulla Nasrudin, I just can’t believe it – the jeweller paid Rupees Two Lakhs for your ring.” 

Mulla Nasrudin looked the man in the eye and said, “Just as only a good jeweller can understand the true value of my ring, only the truly wise can understand the true meaning of my teaching stories. You need to have calibre to recognize true worth and only those who have genuine calibre can recognize my true worth!”