Practice Yoga

Finding a daily routine to include yoga in your life isn’t always easy and excuses can sometimes prevent you from creating a healthy and regular yoga routine.

This article focuses on the ways to ensure that yoga becomes a daily routine for you that is both enjoyable and beneficial.


  • A flowing activity that increases your awareness of breathing
  • A standing posture
  • A side stretch
  • A forward bend
  • A backbend
  • A twist
  • An abdominal strengthener
  • A balance
  • An inversion
  • Another forward bend
  • Final relaxation (Pranayama and meditation). You can choose to spend as long as you like in this final step.

P.S – Expect gradual improvement, not miracles. 😀


2 thoughts on “Practice Yoga

  1. I’ve just started trying out yoga to help relieve some stiffness and help flexibility as I have recently started climbing after a break of 10 years and am training to run a marathon (long story but a very positive one). Struggling to get into a regular pattern with it but it works wonders. Thanks for the groovy article to help keep my inspiration up

    • Even if you are starting out for the first time, just relax. It’s a difficult practice but it’s important not to strain yourself with the poses. Work little by little to delve into each pose. It may take some time to master the pose, depending on the difficulty level, but each person is different. You must have patience while practicing yoga. Take your time and enjoy! Good Luck for Marathon 🙂

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