Heart Touching

Respect your elders

Wish to share a message I read on whats app:After his father’s death,the son decided to leave his mother at old age home and visited her on and off.
Once he received a call from old age home….Mom very serious…..please come to visit.
Son went and saw mom very critical, on her dying bed.
He asked: Mom what can I do for you.

Mom replied…”Please install fans in the old age home, there are none….Also put a fridge for betterment of food because many times I slept without food”.
Son was surprised and asked:mom,while you were here you never complained, now you have few hours left and you are telling me all this, why?
Mom replied…..”Its OK dear, I’ve managed with the heat, hunger and pain, but when your children will send you here, am afraid you will not be able to manage!





Tada! 2013

2 Days Left For Year To END.. 

Thanks To Those Who Hated Me, They Made Me A Stronger Person..B-)

Thanks To Those Who Loved Me, They Made My Heart Bigger..<3

Thanks To Those Who Were Worried About Me, They Let Me Know That They Actually Cared.:-*

Thanks To Those Who Left Me, They Made Me Realize That Nothing Lasts Forever..:-P

Thanks To Those Who Entered My Life, They Made Me Who I’m Today.. Just Want To Thank U For Being There In My Life!!:-)

And Lastly Thanks To All Of U For Being Part Of The blog & Supporting Us Throughout..!! :-);-):-D

From The Guys Who Post Stuffs For Ur Entertainment.♡♥♡



If you do what everyone else does, you’ll get what everyone else has. To get results above the norm, you have to think outside the box, stop listening to your neighbour’s advice and start listening to people who have made the impossible.