Utterly loved

i have no idea how it feels to be utterly loved.
i am the place a person falls.
to when life gets hard.
i am the shoulder, the keeper of secrets, 
the kindness through their pain.
i am the wisdom,the knowledge the prophet when everything goes wrong.
i have no idea how it feels to be utterly loved.

Thank You All

Today on our blog dashboard site stats -I was amazed to see that We now have 50 followers:

Congratulations on getting 50 total follows on Dawn to Dusk.

We are so grateful to have hit 50 followers! I remember starting our blog, not too long ago, and thinking “Will we ever have one follower?”. I know that sounds so silly, but it is true, I wallowed in that ridiculous thought for months! 

So, without further ado, We want to say thank you to some of the people over the past few months who have become followers and encouraged me along my journey of blogging! Yippee!

Again A Huge Thankx to all you lovely people for commenting , liking and following 🙂

Thanks again to you all !


Twinkle* In Your Eye

Every time my heart melts for thy,

I feel chaos in my heart and i ask why?

When i forget the world for the twinkle in your eye,

The restlessness and the longing but why ??

Like a flower on my arms when you so innocently lie,

All the questions dissolve and turn into a sigh…

Why? you ask my why i love you my heart? i dunno,

But in you is where my heart will always lie…

“The First Cut is the Deepest”

“Maybe your first love is the one that sticks with you because it’s the only person who will ever receive all of you. After that, you learn better. But, most of all, no matter what, a piece of you forever remains left behind in the heart of the one you loved – a piece no future lover could ever get, no matter what. That piece holds innocence – the belief that love really can last forever. It holds friendship and pain, trial and error, that one kiss you’ll never forget and that night under the stars you can never get back. It holds youth and everything you thought love would be. Everything that was proven wrong.”
Distances means so little when you love someone !!      

Five C’s in a Relationship

Relationships are made beautiful when two people come together to share their love for one another ❤ ♡ ❤

Swati Atul

Often, due to fickle differences, the love shared gets lost. This article will teach lovers on how to keep the flame of their relationship aglow ❣  ❣ ❣


Be honest in your relationship. When two people, from different walks of life, come together to share their love, honesty is the only thing that keeps the relationship from falling apart. With honesty comes trust and with trust, love grows over time. Sowing the seeds of dishonesty will only lead to heartache and broken relationships 😦 Honesty is truly a best policy.


Most relationships go awry because both parties in the relationship assume their partner would automatically know what they are feeling. Instead, why don’t you try telling her how she makes you feel? Communication is the key to any relationship. You are not all-knowing, so without communicating your feelings to her, do not expect a long -lasting relationship. Tell her now !!


Don’t hold impossibly high ideals, when it comes to assessing your partner. It will only lead to disappointment. You should understand that every individual is different and it is their imperfections that make them endearing to us over time. So what if your girlfriend hates playing video games, or thinks that your friends are stupid. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Accept her for what she is and you will see how strong your relationship grows with time.


Accept the fact that you are not perfect. The chances of fighting like cats and dogs are enormous. However, knowing when to accept your fault and when to compromise on a certain situation will take your relationship to a long way. A relationship is supposed to be fulfilling enough to complete you. If being in a particular relationship makes you happier than you have ever been, you need to stand by that relationship. If, however, being with her makes you compromise your own happiness, it is not worth the effort.


In a relationship, sex is beyond the physical gratification. It is the means by which two individuals express their feelings for each another. So, it is very important to be able to keep the passion ignited. Not only does it bring two individuals closer, but also bridges any significant gap that might’ve cropped up over time.

Always remember ” A relationship is like a delicate flower. It needs tender and loving care to blossom. “ ★ ☆ ✰

Ensure that your relationship lasts a long time, even Eternity.

I Love You ; I love you 222 ; I love you 3 , love you 4, love you 5

Love you till Infinite for unending time. ♪♥♫◦°°◦°°◦♫♥

Always be high in love !

Start your Day off right

Wake up and set aside an hour for personal development activities (meditation, self-introspection, observing nature, etc.) Do the things that make you feel blissful, optimistic and empowered so that you can set a positive tone for your day. I guarantee that once you start doing this, your days will be more enjoyable and fulfilling. Today is going to be the best day of your life. Duh!!

❤ ♡ ❤

Lover !

Can you stand another love letter to you? There is always so much to tell you. The longer I stay here, the stupider I get. Because I spent so much time simplifying my language in order to be understood. It seems to me that my thoughts are also getting simpler.

I miss you. Hey think I’ve said that enough lately ? I miss you.

When I really write to you I try to stay positive, but really there is lot about being here that sucks and the only way to be pretty : okay with it is to tell the exciting stories. Still in reality I spend a lot of time thinking about you, wanting to be with you homesick for you. Don’t think that everything is just a bed of  roses, you know.

I still breathe you. Still wishing that you will make everything better so we can be together again.

And I don’t think that I am stupid or a baby for wanting this.

“I am so much older now, you’re much older too.” We get to, not be a drag if we don’t want to.I will : stick by you through thick and thin,promise you the world, bring you beauty and happiness, take care of you , run away with you.

The magic words: “I know I want you.” That’s all it would take, Love.

I am : serious and unembarrassed for the first time ever. I love you

Love ♥