Whatsapp! Mania !

There was one time when internet users needs to create an account to log into chat messengers like Yahoo MessengerGoogle Talk, Windows Live Messenger  and even Facebook messenger. Today they can enjoy the experience of Chat and can talk to there loved one,friends,family through an application ‘Whatsapp‘. A normal Android based Smartphone, an iPhone or a blackberry Phone can easily run this application with the help of which A person can chat with there friends on there phone only.

I absolutely Adore whatsapp. Its one of the most convenient and possibly also the Cheapest way to text with friends and family and there is no need for additional sign ups and passwords and other gobledygooks since all your contacts are already in your Sim card or your phone.

It used to be only for iPhones but now its available for Symbian, Android and Blackberry! So we could all enjoy the whatsapp goodness. I cannot believe how a simple app can be so elegant and yet make it so easy to keep in touch with friends *eyes shining* Whatsapp enables there users to chat in group without paying anything. This application comes with a HUGE options of every damn expression! You can think of. 

 Whatsapp, from the time It has been launched, became very Popular specially with the youth. They spend good time chatting with there friends which also enables them to share pictures,quotes ,anything.  It was started initially in the Google based Android phones and later on spread there market in i Phones and blackberry phones. Whatsapp is also not a very heavy application but requires continuous updates to keep it running. Many applications have been introduced and been introducing ,but still not able to mark as Whatsapp did today. Today Public needs innovative applications at free cost so that they can talk to there friends ,family at convenience.

WhatsApp messenger has strike a New record, when it sent 10 billion messages in a single day, 6 billion outbound and 4 billion inbound, on 23 august 2012.

Do you lurrrrvee it as much as I do? Comment below!