What if ?

What if we were in the same boat
Rolling on a green sea
Listening to the water
No ordered future, no sorted old, wet memories?

And what if time was not the issue
And we could just go on for days and days and days,
Never need for, never miss you,
Give you nothing more than a smile on your face?

What if I had ten good reasons
To love you and to leave you, darlin’
Better than the you you were before?
What if we were in the same boat
Only to keep on moving on?

What if we had ten different reasons
To love upon and leave each other
Separate to head on for the shore?

What if we were in the same boat
Only to keep moving on?
Moving on…

Seems like I’ve been on this trip so long, ittle splashes all I see.
Ten more lovers to the wind and once again I’m left with me.
Seems that as my time draws nearer,
I look into that mirror at a face that’s had it’s fun
And kept moving on…

Always moving on…
With no one.

But what if we were in the same boat
Rolling to the same beat
Listening to each other
No eyes for another
No need to ever look away?

And what if we could stay together
And simply move on day after day after day
Sun and stormy weather
You and I together
Moving on always?

Sun and stormy weather
You and I together
Moving on always

Side by side together
You and I forever
Moving on always…



illustrated thought

Thought Questions 10

I don’t think crying is a sign of weakness. I think it is being able to express yourself. i cry when i am sad, angry, or hurt. i cry when loved ones are hurt. i cry when i am begging or pleading before God. It is a form of release!!!

Crying is a sign of self-expression of what he/she wanted.

Other than that crying cleanses your eyeballs from dirt! LMAO!! 🙂 😀

I am more concerned about people who don’t cry than about those who do..

How about youDo you consider crying a sign of weakness?


♥ Where it all started ♥

No one knows for sure where Valentine’s Day comes from, but there are a couple of popular theories.

Some believe that Valentine’s Day started in ancient Rome with the celebration of Lupercalia, a day which honored Lupercus and Faunus and the founders of Rome. It was celebrated on February 15.

Another theory is that there were two saints and a priest named Valentine.  One saint was executed on February 14th and 227 years later, Pope Gelasius named February 14, Valentine’s Day for him. The priest named Valentine disobeyed the Emperor and secretly married couples.

According to web sources, the modern day celebration of Love began in England and France.The first Valentine was sent in 1415 on February 14 when a French Duke was in jail and sent a Valentine to his wife.

Valentine’s candy was first given in the late 1800′s.  Valentine’s Day is now celebrated in many countries around the world. In addition to the United States, England, France, Australia, Canada and Mexico celebrate this special day. In the United States alone, over a billion cards are sent to mark the day.

Roses are the traditional flower to give on Valentine’s Day and over 100 million roses are usually sold in the three-day period around Valentine’s Day.

P.S @- My entity is incomplete without you..complete word is WE..which is complete with ‘love’ itslef..be mine forever..♥ ♥


Once in a century date

Wednesday, is one of those magical dates that we’re not going to see again for a while.

Yes, that day is — Say it with us: 12/12/12!

12/12/12 is also the last of the repeating dates until January 1, 2101.

December, 12, 2012 will be the last date of its kind – when all three numerical in a date are the same – for the next 88 years.

The next time this will happen is on January 1, 2101, or 01-01-01.

All three similar numerical dates like 12-12-12 will come after 88 years

According to a survey, approximately 7,500 brides will tie the knot on December 12, 2012.

What i think Just make sure you are marrying for the right reasons and that you honor the vows you are making. The date itself means very little in comparison.

Anyways  I’m going to bring donuts to work tomorrow. 12-12-12 is as good a day to celebrate, and have donuts…..as you can get. 🙂