Happy Life

“The day we pass away, our money will still be in the bank…

When we are alive, we feel we don’t have enough money to spend.

When we are gone, there is still a lot of money not spent”.

A Chinese tycoon passed away. He left for his widow $1.9 billion in the bank.

The widow remarried her young Chauffeur.
The Chauffeur said, “All the while I thought I was working for my boss.
Now only I realize that my boss was all the time working for me!”

The Moral?
It is more important to live longer than to have more wealth.

• Strive to have a strong and healthy body.

• In a ‘high end’ hand phone, 70% of the functions are useless.

• In an expensive car, 70% of the speed is not needed.

• In a luxurious villa, 70% of the space remains un-occupied or un-utilized.

• In a whole wardrobe of clothes, 70% of them are seldom worn.

• Out of whole life’s earnings, 70% stays behind for other people to use.

70% of talent is not utilized

So, How to make full use of our 30%.?

• Go for medical checkup even when you feel fit.

• Drink more water even if you’re not thirsty.

• ‘Let go’ your ego, whenever you can.

• ‘Give in’ even if you are ‘right’.

• Be humble even if you are very powerful.

• Be contented even if you are not rich.


Family Bonding

Amazing things can happen when a family comes together to do things together. A family that can bond together will be a family that is united forever. The world is fast paced and works against families being united and bonded together.

There is nothing better than having a place you can call HOME, where you feel loved, appreciated and safe.

Holy Bath

Hindu holy man drying his clothes after a ritualistic bath in the River Ganges during the annual Magh Mela in Allahabad.

Magh Mela is observed during Magh and Falgun months (Hindu calendar) for nearly 45 days. The ritual of bathing at the Prayag Sangam in Allahabad has a great significance, and attracts millions of devotees to the confluence of rivers Ganges, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati.

It is believed that bathing in sacred rivers during these festivals breaks the circle of life & death, and liberates Hindus to attain moksha.