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“The First Cut is the Deepest”

“Maybe your first love is the one that sticks with you because it’s the only person who will ever receive all of you. After that, you learn better. But, most of all, no matter what, a piece of you forever remains left behind in the heart of the one you loved – a piece no future lover could ever get, no matter what. That piece holds innocence – the belief that love really can last forever. It holds friendship and pain, trial and error, that one kiss you’ll never forget and that night under the stars you can never get back. It holds youth and everything you thought love would be. Everything that was proven wrong.”
Distances means so little when you love someone !!      

“Gods on Ride”

Once Lord Shiva and his consort, Parvati, were travelling with their vehicle – the Bull (Nandi). The Lord had taken the form of an old man, while, Parvatiji remained young and beautiful. On the road all passers-by looked on with amazement at this odd couple of an old man and a young woman.

On the way, Shiva said, ”Parvatiji, my dear, please sit and ride on the bull during this journey.” She obeyed and mounted the bull while Shiva walked alongside. The village folk and other strangers bitterly criticised, ”What a selfish woman! She is young and healthy and yet she chooses to comfortably ride while forcing the old man to walk.” Shiva changed his mind. ”Parvatidevi, the people are mocking you. It is wiser that I sit and you walk.” So saying, Shiva sat on the bull’s back. Further along, other strangers came with sharper comments, ”O look at this mean, bully of a man. He’s fat and robust, and evil too. He enjoys the ride while forcing this young and gentle lady to walk on foot.”


Hearing this both of them climbed the bull. At least, this would ward off the criticisms. But they were gravely mistaken and no sooner had they come to the next village, people sneered and jeered. ”Look at this nasty couple. Both of them have mercilessly climbed upon the bull. They’ll kill the poor creature!”
Now there was only one option left. They dismounted and allowed the bull to walk freely. They accompanied it on either side. While they walked, they met new people with new bitterness. They laughed at them, shouting ”What foolishness! They have taken a bull as a vehicle and neither of them is using it.” Straight away Shiva told Parvati, ”Come let us do what we think is right, and live the way we want to. The world will never appreciate or see what we do as correct.”

In this world, even if we perform a good deed not everyone will like it and support it. The problem lies with the nature of our world. If a Sadhu shows miracles people say, ”He’s into black magic and possesses evil powers.” And if a Sadhu avoids miracles, some will mutter complaints, ”O! He shows no miracles. He’s ordinary and is of no use.” This is the line of thinking our world works on. It is crooked from both ends and whatever you do, the world will never see you straight. Therefore, pay no attention to the words of the worldly people and continue to devotely worship God.


Om Namah Shivay!!

Are you confident?

  • Does your self confidence depend on your mood and fluctuate from time to time depending on the situation or is it steadfast, unwavering and persistent?
  • Is your confidence level the same in all aspects of your life and with all people or does it depend on personal circumstances and who you are interacting with?
  • Does a crisis situation or adversity shake your confidence?
  • How do your perceive your own confidence level?
  • How do others perceive you – do they feel you are overconfident or underconfident?
  • Are you genuinely confident from inside or do you put an act, a fake mask of buoyancy, and make a pretence of outward confidence?
 True confidence gives you a wonderful feeling of self-assurance, aplomb and dignity and is evident and can be seen in your poise and deportment. 
The hallmarks of a genuinely confident person can be encapsulated in seven distinctive traits. 
A truly confident person will possess a high degree of each of the seven attributes of confidence, so ask yourself these seven questions and check out for yourself how confident you really are:
You cannot be a confident person unless you love yourself.
Self-Love  is the foundation of Self-Esteem which is a crucial sine qua non of confidence. 
How can you be confident if you are not happy with yourself, your very own body and your unique personality? 
Indeed the first step towards self confidence is that you must first love all aspects of your own self.
Confidence begins from within and when we love ourselves and do not seek the approval of others, we start believing in ourselves.
Self-Belief makes your fearless and enables you to cope with crises because confident persons believe they have the power to handle their own lives whereas unconfident persons who do not believe in themselves always look for support and assurance from outside and try to seek help from others to deal with challenges in their own lives.
To be truly confident, you must love yourself, believe in yourself and, most importantly, be comfortable with yourself. 
Yes, genuinely confident people are happy in their own skin and comfortable with themselves, as they are. 
They love who they are, they do not wish to be anyone else and they seek no one’s approval to be whom they wish to be. Truly confident persons are immune from the disease to please .
They are natural leaders with a strong sense of personal belonging who feel secure with themselves and who don’t blindly follow others or conform for the sake of conformance, but who chart their own course and inspire others to follow them.
Self-Awareness is a key aspect of confident persons as knowing your values, your strengths and limitations helps you in developing your personality, giving a direction to your life, enhancing your achievements and accomplishments and boosting your confidence.
   (\ /)
   ( . .)
Confident persons are not paralysed by fear – they rather act first and be afraid later. 
A fearless approach to life, willingness to take risks, try out new things, innovate and experiment, and a pioneering attitude are hallmarks of a confident person.
/(   )\
Truly confident people love to learn
They strive for continual improvement and have a thirst for knowledge in order to achieve continual growth
They are innovative, creative and try to make the most of their talents in order to realize their maximum potential because they believe in themselves which gives them the determination, tenacity and sense of purpose to keep going even when others have given up.
Confident persons are happy, here and now, as they are, with all aspects of their life in its entirety. They are content with whatever they have. 
Unhappiness and discontentment erode self-esteem and destroy your confidence. 
Happiness and contentment are a must for genuine confidence, and that is why confident persons always exhibit cheerfulness and optimism and generate positive vibes.
Many individuals who are not very confident inside, and lack genuine self confidence, try to fake it and present an external picture of confidence by clever image management. But this causes stress due to the fear of being found out, and one day such charlatans are indeed exposed or suffer nervous breakdowns.
That is why you must strive to be genuinely self confident.
So introspect and check out for yourself – how many of these seven confidence attributes do you have? 
Discover your strengths, find out how confident you really are and in which of these seven aspects do you need to improve. 
I Wish You tons and tons of Confidence