❤ ♡ ❤

Dear Mom & Dad

May be its inherent to the Parent-Child relationship that kids take there parents for granted, but I am trying, I am trying… You have been so amazing so supportive and such great role models & I know I am careless, I don’t talk often enough, and there is no excuse at all.

Isn’t it amazing how little we have fought over the years.

Thank you for my freedom. Thank you for your support.

I love you


❤ ♡ ❤

Lover !

Can you stand another love letter to you? There is always so much to tell you. The longer I stay here, the stupider I get. Because I spent so much time simplifying my language in order to be understood. It seems to me that my thoughts are also getting simpler.

I miss you. Hey think I’ve said that enough lately ? I miss you.

When I really write to you I try to stay positive, but really there is lot about being here that sucks and the only way to be pretty : okay with it is to tell the exciting stories. Still in reality I spend a lot of time thinking about you, wanting to be with you homesick for you. Don’t think that everything is just a bed of  roses, you know.

I still breathe you. Still wishing that you will make everything better so we can be together again.

And I don’t think that I am stupid or a baby for wanting this.

“I am so much older now, you’re much older too.” We get to, not be a drag if we don’t want to.I will : stick by you through thick and thin,promise you the world, bring you beauty and happiness, take care of you , run away with you.

The magic words: “I know I want you.” That’s all it would take, Love.

I am : serious and unembarrassed for the first time ever. I love you

Love ♥ 

❤ ♡ ❤


On this imperfect piece of paper, an imperfect letter, by an imperfect girl. I have a perfect night with you planned. You answered my 1:30 call ; come closer to my heart. We will eat, laugh enjoy it all. We will light the candle since the light is out again. I will play your favorite loose making quite touching songs. Being safe in your arms telling you my all secrets, things that scares me , all hidden doubts. But When I am there it is A Quiet World. The warmth of your arms and infinity to touch talk sleep and breathe. Leaving rest apart !!


❤ ♡ ❤

To The Love of My Life,

I could write 100 love Letters just to you, not knowing you barely at all , just compelled by your deep charisma or otherwise our my absolute infatuation with you. Ever since I first saw you I have been in love with you, convinced that you are the love of my life. I’m patient , I don’t care May be nothing will ever come of it. Its no big deal one way or the another you know? Just a fact a force of nature, some strange deep seated belief that : You are love of life & I believe you will take this in stride, behaving beautifully as you always have.