An expanse of clear sky or calm sea…..

This picture is Breathtaking ! “Definitely” going to be my desktop wallpaper 😀



I came across this random picture of volcano, I will say never seen before picture. Had to share with you all…

Credits: Dont know who had clicked this. But this is even awesomeeee (with this december snowfall on wordpress) 😀 😀 😉

Vanishing Sparrows

These small birds are really cute and their chirping refreshes the mind. These birds have gradually or suddenly disappeared from your garden, or local area. The expansion of urban areas and related issues such as pollution and  habitat destruction, no doubt had left their impression on the environs.

What a fire ?

Chi_Naar means “What a Fire”

Chinar is a very large, widespreading, and long-lived deciduous tree.

This beautiful garden appears to be on fire in Autumn……………..