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You work so hard for the day,

To reach goals and heart’s desires,

And though we move our way,

You worked so hard and I know you tired.

Don’t feel alone in your daily plight,

As night comes and day breaks a new,

I wish with all my heart as might,

To make you smile, to make you happy- true.

And that is what I’ll do to you,

Till the day you come or me to you,

Smile as this poem finds you.

Time to Sleep

That time of the day when your brain has nothing to do but keep the vital organs going, and most importantly, your heart has nothing to do but pump blood into your veins.

That time when your sorrows and your frustrations lay forgotten, and your brow ceases to frown.

That time when you finally take off the burdens weighing you down, from your shoulders, and let your muscles relax. That time when you can finally escape to the place of your dreams, where only the things in your dreams come true, literally.

I look forward to this moment every single day!!  (In My Den)
Good Night to all Lovely people that read , like or follow this blog 🙂
Sleep Tight 

Wonderful Sights!

I came across an informational video from Yosemite National Park.

Please check out the attached video for views of the night sky you don’t normally see.

Makes you wonder what it would look like 2 thousand years ago, with virtually no light pollution anywhere on Earth, perhaps this is why we have people believing in gods and angels from above, because they thought there is no other way such beauty could be created.