Tomorrow is a promise!

If we look back on our life,
we see pain,

but wait a minute

just see in the mirror,
there is strength,
learned lessons,
pride in our self

keep looking ahead
and believe
that tomorrow is a promise. 


Being Loved or Trusted

Love and Trust are two different things.

Love does not Ipso Facto  imply Trust.

You may love someone but you may not trust that person.

Conversely, you may trust someone but you may not love that person.

A man may be madly in love with a woman, but he may not trust her – in fact, many persons are suspicious of the persons whom they love and keep tabs on them. Haven’t you seen so many husbands who do not trust their beautiful wives whom they love so much (and vice versa)

But one thing is sure – as the quote says:

“To be Trusted is a greater compliment than being Loved “.

This is true in all relationships; Trust is the foundation that creates and bonds strong relationships.

I have observed this in my friend @ relationship with his pet dog Lucy too. Lucy loves everyone in their family, but as far as trust is concerned, she implicitly trusts @. That she is a “One Man Dog” is clearly visible to everyone.

One example is that when she is in pain she will only allow him to go near her and touch her wherever she want, including the part of the body where the pain is. Lucy has growled, snapped, and even occasionally nipped, at others ; but never at him. Of course, she loves them, but she trusts him, and that is what matters most.

Of course, the fact that trust is a greater compliment than love is true of human relationships as well.

Dear Reader, think of your life experiences, reflect, and tell us whether you have observed this fact of life?

Do you agree that: to be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved ?