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Bloom like flower

‘The most precious gift we can offer others is our Presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.’

Happy Day ahead 🙂


swati zutshi

The Northern Lake Baikal is famous for it’s unnatural beauty.

Lake Baikal is the word’s oldest lake at just 25 million years.

During the winter, the Turquoise Ice cubes are formatted on the top of the lake. This ideal Winter Holidays destination offers beautiful scenery that will take your breath away.  The outstanding water create tirquise ice cubes.

The Baikal lake is not just world’s oldest, it is also the world’s deepest and clearest lake. The lake also houses more than 1700 animals and plants species and more than 70% of them can’t be found any other place in the globe. Even there are much more facts about this beautiful lake, we will leave you to enjoy in the beautiful picture… 🙂

Today is World Water Day

My father recently called me to say “They say by not turning off the tap, I’m wasting water.

A tap that leaks one drop of water per second wastes 25 liters of water a day or more than 9 000 liters a year.

Now it makes sense :p

And I Quote

And she said
Here comes the promise of summer
Let’s seal it with a kiss
This time I’ll do things proper
How did we get to this?
Here comes the promise of summer
We’ll seal it with a kiss
This time I’ll do things proper
How did we get to this?

(r -m m b r) Disaster

Greenpeace activists light candles to mourn victims of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami in downtown Bucharest March 10, 2013,

A day before the second-year anniversary of the disaster that killed thousands and set off a nuclear crisis.