If My country was a person, what would that person be like?


With a population of over 1.2 Billion, we have people with absolutely wide range of physical features and characteristics. Now let me describe ”that person”.

Name is Bharathi ( yes, it’s a she! ). 25 yrs old, moderately built, five feet tall, brown skinned, very beautiful, literate, and extremely hard working..

She is this shy, soft-spoken woman who almost always puts her family first, be it her parents,husband, kids. She is complacent, highly tolerant and resilient.

She is caring, nurturing,welcoming,self disciplined and trust worthy. She excels in multi-tasking. For her, dignity is more important than anything else.She Comes out victorious, in almost all the  battles she encounters everyday, with a smile on her face.

She is fun. Dances a lot, loves cricket, celebrates almost all the festivals joyously,and she is extremely excited about her partner taking charge from her. She loves to be peaceful and spiritual.And day by day she is getting stronger. Strong enough to tackle her hostile siblings, although cautious about her neighbors.

She is not without flaws.She is sometimes so nice that she can be taken for granted. She can be corrupt, lazy, needy,cowardly, insecure, biased, over-bearing sometimes.

It is unfortunate that while her hands are adorned with jewels, her stomach still is empty many days. She sleeps hungry, often, But wakes up to fight another day, always. She is loved by one and all.

She sure is the source of inspiration and happiness for many.She is an epitome of hope, and the pinnacle of god’s creation !!

In short, ” Aval Indri Or Anuvum Asaiyadhu ” (A Tamil saying), which means, IF NOT FOR HER, NOT AN ATOM MOVES !!!


On Time

1. Kill your loans first. Car loan, Education loan, home loan, personal loan – these are traps. Money is a myth and money is a trap.

Avoid loans at all costs. Money is created in thin air, the moment you sign a loan document. Bank loans you the money they don’t have, they make it up and you end up paying that money through slavery. The only way to pay off a loan is slavery.

Example – You took $50,000 as a loan to get a degree from some university thinking that it will help you in terms of career. That’s great but then you are assuming that it will help. It may not help. Things can go in any direction and you may end up working for years, trying to pay off the loan you took.

2. Avoid financial investments and make investments with regard to skills. Develop skills. Be more agile. You can always play with mutual funds, stocks at a later point of time. This is the age to develop skills, not accumulate wealth. Skills goes far. Very far. Wealth is just a lubricant.

3. Earnings – Expenses = Savings (Wrong)
Earnings – Savings = Expenses (Right).

4. Every month, pay yourself first. Reward yourself first. You are the first person who should get the reward for working hard. Make yourself happy first, make peace with yourself first.

5. Open a PPF account, keep dumping money whenever you have time. Trust me, you will thank me 10 years later. Money grows exponentially in the last few years.

6. Avoid LIC. Avoid Chit funds. Avoid get rich quick schemes. Avoid Network marketing business, avoid anything which does not add value to the society. If someone tells you to invest in X, ask yourself – is this X adding value to the society? Is this X dealing with people? If the answer is No, chuck it. These are traps they have built to loot your money, they will mould your brain so that you yourself submit your money to them.

7. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Be simple, stay grounded and never take shortcuts when it comes to money. Showing off, lavish lifestyle and buying unnecessary crap will recoil back in time. What goes around, comes around.

8. Differentiate between needs and wants. Whenever you buy something, ask yourself – is this my need or is this my want? I generally follow a 3:1 ratio. I will buy 3 things I need and one thing I want. This ensures some kind of balance. No matter how much money I have, I will try not to break that balance.

9. Listen to your parents. They know how to deal with money better than you and they have been doing it for decades.

10. Divide your income in 4 parts

1/4th = needs
1/4th = savings
1/4th = Contribution/Entertainment
1/4th = Risks, ventures, investments.

Read my post -> Personal Finance: I earn 52000 ₹ per month. What are the best ways to increase my assets and decrease my liabilities?

11. Do not give money to your friend as a loan. Never. Trust me, money kills relationships. Some relationships are broken the moment you earn or lose enough money. Try not to give loan to friends or relatives. If they are in trouble and need your help, donate the money to them but never expect them to return. Do not loan money to people expecting a return. Better, do not loan it in the first place.

12. Prepare some sort of buffer cash. If my survival is X per month, I have a buffer cash of 12X in my bank account as fixed deposits. This ensures I can do whatever the heck I want to in this one year, so money cannot kill the choices I want to make. Buffer cash will save you opportunity costs and time.

13. Do not work for free. Ever. Say no to free internships, say no to extra hours after work. If you are good in something, never do it for free.

14. There are some avenues which will always remain profitable no matter what happens. Example – land, medicines, alchohol, education. If you want to start a business, pick a secured industry, gain ground and then jump into a risky venture.

15. In the end, money is just a lubricant, it makes your life smoother. Remember, money is for the life, life is not for the money. Realize that it is never going to be enough. Never. Its a beast – you keep feeding it and it will still want more.

Bonus tip: Never depend on a single income source. Always have an escape plan. Freelance, start a side venture, do whatever it takes to have a secondary earning source.

Indian Railways

What are some mind blowing facts about Indian Railways?

When it comes to connectivity, very few modes of transport can compare to the Indian Railways. No other form of travelling makes you feel part of this large diverse nation the way an Indian train journey does. Sure there might be a few inconveniences along the way but the positives outweigh the negatives. Here are 12 joys of travelling by an Indian Train.

1. Travelling with friends by train is an experience that’s tough to beat.

2. The Railway Station kulhad is like some magical potion that tastes different from any other chai you have ever tasted.

3. There might not be a TV inside the train but you will see sights that define the real India up close when you’re gazing through the windows.

4. Ordering train food and eating it on the little collapsible tray next to the window.

5. Reading a book or playing cards while slowly drifting off to sleep in the snuggly sleeper class.

6. Witnessing the flora and fauna of your country whizzing past you.

7. Interacting with genuinely diverse and interesting characters from different walks of life.

8. Witnessing the hustle and bustle at an Indian railway station is an experience like no other.

9. Getting off at in between stations and taking in the ambience before continuing on your journey.

10. You don’t need any decorum inside the train, want to laugh out loud? Go ahead, laugh out loud.

11. Watching real life Bollywood unfurl before you through tearful goodbyes and new beginnings.

12. The most beautiful bit, the Indian Railways has something to offer to every person, irrespective of which section of the society he or she belongs to.

source: ScoopWhoop

The Edges

It’s very possible that your battered, old copy of the book contains some fore-edge painting, which is an illustration or painting that is hidden on the edge of the pages of the book. The technique allegedly dates back to the 1650s and we have no idea why people went through the trouble of painting on their old works of literature, but they are there.

Let the Rain Come Down –

And wash away my tears Let it fill my soul and drown my fears Let it shatter the walls for a new, new sun A new day has come.When darkness closes in, look for the light on the horizon. Though you feel you will be crushed by the weight of a thousand doubts and fears, and the knife of despair hovers above your heart, hope remains, for when the hands of your maker are holding you, fear will flee from the Light 🙂

“I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.”  ― Charles Chaplin


Pain this strong and deep that I can’t even breathe,
It makes a hole in my heart that I can feel every time.
Why does it hurt so much that I don’t even want to live,
Why does it feel this bad when things were good a moment ago.

Love gives you happiness but it can give you big scars,
Love can heal you at times but it can damage your heart.
I am not sure whether I would like to fall in love again or not,
As its one thing that can give you pain more than any other thing in the world.

How can I experience love without pain,
Or shall I learn that pain is another name for love.
How do I resolve this mystery of love,
So that I can love but do not fall in love.

I am a happy soul wandering around this world,
I am not sure if this pain is for me really.
But then we say that happiness and pain are different sides of the same coin,
How can I still feel the emotions and not get absorbed really.

Writing here making my heart a little lighter I feel,
Sharing the pain making me feel a little bit alive again.
I just feel sometimes that life is too short to experience the stress,
But then another times I can’t avoid it at any cost and it makes me insane. 😥 😦